The Style Vow: Plaid Warrior

Plaid Warrior


"Courage, above all things, is the first quality of a warrior." -Carl Von Clausewitz

As my English professor would say "Write, walk away; Revise, walk away." Granted, that was for essays, but I somehow found that I can apply that to life and the lessons it sometime throws at me. Think about it!
This Zara plaid pant, if you all remember, was on my birthday wish list. In case you do not remember what else was on it, click here. I did happen to purchase that very same faux fur coat on my list, but it sheds just a little too much and instead of receiving the Michael Kors bag I got the Ralph Lauren tote as a gift from my mother. So I pretty much got what I wanted, whether I had to buy it for myself or not. 
Classes are going pretty well so far. I know I said that I couldn't wait for school to start, but now that it has started, I cannot wait for it to be over!!! Spring break and the sun needs to hurry up and appear; Stop hiding from all of us here in NY!

Photographs taken by Chris H.

Wearing: Zara Pant | Enzo Angiolini boots | Forever21 Blazer | Ginger G muscle tee | Buffalo Exchange Necklace

With Love,
Kenneillia S.

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