The Style Vow

The Striped Pant


"I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody." -Bill Cosby

I usually do not have to edit any of my photo's, but I honestly had to edit a few of these. The contrast of the neon green wall made the photo's appear either too bright or too dark. F.I.T had to show off their hallways with shocking wall paint colors apparently. So, I apologize for the low quality photo's in this post. I also apologize for my messy hair. HA HA! Talk about a bad hair day. 
I love these pants from Forever 21. They remind me of a race-car for some odd reason. Am I the only one? This beautiful printed silk blouse was discovered a couple of weeks ago and I was extremely excited when I seen them. I had been longing for a pants like these. And of course you all have seen this lovely necklace in a recent post; can you tell I'm in love?

Photos taken by Chris H.

Wearing: H&M Top | Forever 21 Pant | Thrifted Shoes and Necklace 

With Love,
Kenneillia S.

Photo shoot? Why not!


Apart of being a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology is being able to have so many opportunities thrown at you. My friend, Christopher, was randomly called to do a photo shoot for his friends photography class project in which it involved the use of shadowing. At least that's what I got from it.
F.I.T is one of those school's that you must take full advantage of; in a good way of course. You cannot expect to go there and not at least have an internship or land a job or even model for one of the students clothing line. You have to have an open mind and create your own opportunities; They're not just going to come to you. Any who, I will stop trying to give an inspirational speech now. lol. I am sure if you have positive people in your life, then you've heard it all before. Good Luck everyone! 

Photo's taken by yours truly

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Kenneillia S.

Somewhere over the Clovers


"Yesterday is but today's memory, and tomorrow is today's dream." -Khalil Gibran

 Honestly, keeping a blog is really exciting and fun, but keeping up with it is very time consuming when you go to school full-time and work part-time. Sigh. That is no excuse. I apologize. 
Spring is finally starting to show its beautiful face a little. I am super excited! My favorite season is the fall, but I have been missing the hot sun. I'm starting to reconsider my favorite season. To show that I was in the spring spirit, I pulled this beautifully printed chiffon button up out of my closet and paired it with these cute nude flats that I am currently loving right now. I love cuffing the bottom of my pants now, it adds a cool touch to the entire outfit and makes a complete difference in making the outfit look effortless. I hope you all are enjoying your year so far :-D

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 Photographs taken by Chris H.

Wearing: Thrifted jewelry | Forever 21 jeans and top | EBay jacket | Ralph Lauren tote | Sam Edelmon flats

With Love,
Kenneillia S.

Plaid Warrior


"Courage, above all things, is the first quality of a warrior." -Carl Von Clausewitz

As my English professor would say "Write, walk away; Revise, walk away." Granted, that was for essays, but I somehow found that I can apply that to life and the lessons it sometime throws at me. Think about it!
This Zara plaid pant, if you all remember, was on my birthday wish list. In case you do not remember what else was on it, click here. I did happen to purchase that very same faux fur coat on my list, but it sheds just a little too much and instead of receiving the Michael Kors bag I got the Ralph Lauren tote as a gift from my mother. So I pretty much got what I wanted, whether I had to buy it for myself or not. 
Classes are going pretty well so far. I know I said that I couldn't wait for school to start, but now that it has started, I cannot wait for it to be over!!! Spring break and the sun needs to hurry up and appear; Stop hiding from all of us here in NY!

Photographs taken by Chris H.

Wearing: Zara Pant | Enzo Angiolini boots | Forever21 Blazer | Ginger G muscle tee | Buffalo Exchange Necklace

With Love,
Kenneillia S.